lisa (autmnwlkr) wrote,

comfort and solace, peace and serenity. my heart is hard but my eyes are soft from crying too often lately. im SCARED. terrified. petrified. frozen in time, in a moment, in a memory. i preached recently that life is too big and beautiful beyond the sheets, but i'm learning that beauty lies within them, too. and within all of us. it vibrates through our skin in glimmering waves and washes over us like the sun through a skylight in our cozy little nooks. the crook. it still fits. its all okay and guess what; i don't care. which is so much more romantic than it looks typed out in courier font in this tiny little text box. in fact, "care" is the wrong word. i dont mind. i dont think. which is a lie because my mind is always wrapping. wrapping this all up into a tiny little package so when i get lonely i can open it and let the music swirl around me and all at once i feel whole again.

god you're beautiful. and you're just like me. all consumed by a mind that never halts and a heart that you cannot contain. i meant it when i said i wish i could find someone that could keep up with me and could handle everything i have to give. there's too much of me and not enough people who know what to do about that. and all at once you understand just from existing, and i dont think you know how important that is. i dont think anyone does.
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